What is AI and Games?

AI and Games started out as an experiment in trying to disseminate the interesting and exciting artificial intelligence research and development that is happening in video games to university students. Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in many respects; it's a wonderfully exciting area of scientific discovery as we aim to build computer systems that effectively enhance our quality of life, but also carries many moral, ethical and political issues due to its applications.

AI and Games seeks to not only better communicate the challenges faced when building AI in video game applications, but explore the significant differences between the technolgies used for commercial entertainment versus more pragmatic scientific discovery.

About the Author

AI and Games is managed by Dr Tommy Thompson: a part-time senior lecturer in computer science and AI consultant and programmer based in the UK.  Tommy has over 10 years experience researching artificial intelligence researcher in the context of games, has helped organise AI conferences and events such as the IEEE Conference on Games, nucl.AI and Foundation of Digital Games.  He has worked to better communicate the challenges and opportunities that exist in employing AI in the field of video games and has presented his work at a variety of venues such as Microsoft Research, the GamesForum conference in London and MCV Magazine in the UK.  In addition, Tommy works in the video game industry as a contract programmer and consultant either as part of AI and Games or as part of his co-owned independent games company Table Flip Games.

You can find Tommy maintaining his personal site over at t2thompson.com as well as on Twitter.


The AI and Games YouTube series is crowdfunded thanks to the wonderful people over at Patreon.com. Our patrons provide a cash tip to support our endeavours.  Through this, our sponsors effectively provide some financial support to the series that allows for the continued development and improvement of our YouTube format and content.  We're immensely grateful to everyone who have sponsored the series since it started and watched as the scale and complexity of our content has grown since the initial videos released in 2014.

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