Plus Four To Science

Plus Four To Science is a games podcast with a difference, given it is hosted by a team of who study games in all shapes and sizes as academics and developers within the games industry.  The core team of four is comprised of the following:

  • Michael Cook: Creator of the game-creating system ANGELINA, coordinator of PROCJAM, owner of Cut Garnet Games and researcher based at the University of Falmouth, UK.
  • Gillian Smith: Assistant Professor in Game Design at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Tommy Thompson: Editor of, co-owner of Table Flip Games and lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Derby, UK.
  • Alex Zook: Former researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, currently a Data Scientist at Blizzard Entertainment.

You can keep up to date with Plus4 by subscribing to via RSS, PocketCast and iTunes.  You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, where you can keep up with the latest updates to the series.

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