Let’s Play AI – Far Cry 3 (Part 3)

We’re back with part 3 of the FarCry 3 playthrough.  In this video, we focus a little more on the use of arrows and whether non-player characters respond to arrows being used for kills.  We did have one incident back in part 2 which suggests that they know exactly where the arrow came from.  However, I felt it prudent to try the experiment again from a distance and see how well they respond.

In addition, we begin to look at an element of play that is rather popular in the Far Cry series: fire.  Fire is implemented such that it is dynamic and can spread around an environment.  We observe not only how characters respond to fire in terms of pathfinding and navigation, but also how do they respond when items such as local foliage, buildings and even people suddenly combust!

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Tommy Thompson Written by:

Tommy is the writer and producer of AI and Games. He's a senior lecturer in computer science and researcher in artificial intelligence with applications in video games. He's also an indie video game developer with Table Flip Games. Because y'know... fella's gotta keep himself busy.