Let’s Play AI – Far Cry 3 (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of the Let’s Play series focussing on Far Cry 3.  In part 1 I was largely getting used to the game and trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing.  Now I can say I have finally started to figure things out.  It’s rather obvious to me now that Far Cry 3 handles a little differently from other FPS games, which appeared to throw me off early on.

With that out of the way, it was time to be a little more critical in my thinking – while still having a bit of fun of course!  As such, I started considering elements of play and how the AI responds to my actions based up the context, notably:

  • How well do enemies see me in the dark?
  • Can enemy NPCs detect where stones are coming?
  • If I use a bow and arrow, can the enemy detect where the arrow was shot from?

Of course while these were on my mind while recording, new ideas emerged as a result of what was happening in live play.

So how did it all pan out?  Watch the video and find out!  We learned some interesting stuff this time around.

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Tommy is the writer and producer of AI and Games. He's a senior lecturer in computer science and researcher in artificial intelligence with applications in video games. He's also an indie video game developer with Table Flip Games. Because y'know... fella's gotta keep himself busy.