In the Directors Chair [Left 4 Dead]

Concluding our first season of public lectures held in the Autumn/Fall of 2014, we give an extended overview of the director AI behind Turtle Rock and Valve’s cop-operative online shooter Left 4 Dead.

Inspired by the existing case study held on, we identify how this form of AI differs from much of the convention fare adopted for non-player character control.  In addition, this lecture has an added segment solely for our online audience which gives a quick guide on how to enable the debug mode found within the PC version of Left 4 Dead, allowing you to observe what the director is doing throughout gameplay.

We provide the full presentation in PDF format should you wish to use this for your own purposes – In the Directors Chair (pdf)

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Tommy is the writer and producer of AI and Games. He's a senior lecturer in computer science and researcher in artificial intelligence with applications in video games. He's also an indie video game developer with Table Flip Games. Because y'know... fella's gotta keep himself busy.

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