Conference Round-Up: Foundation of Digital Games 2015

June of 2015 saw this years Foundation of Digital Games (FDG) conference take place at the Asilomar Conference Grounds near Monterey in California.  For those new to the scene, FDG is a games research conference that is split largely between the more technical/computer-science-y elements of games research and the work found in humanities (art, psychology, sociology etc.).  It makes for an interesting location to visit in games research, given that you are open to a wider range of work being conducted.  While some of this may prove of little interest to you (as is your want), it can yield some useful opportunities, as you see yourself exploring research that you perhaps would not otherwise.  This is arguably relevant for some of my own research published at FDG this year, given that while much of my work presented can be adopted in AI projects, the papers published were largely more design focussed.

Our summary of the conference and some of the things that caught our interest can be found in the video above.  However, we have left a list of research publications below that have caught our interest.  Check them out!

Research Paper Links

Tommy’s FDG 2015 Publications

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