Artificial Intelligence Research in Games

Welcome to the first ever public talk inspired by the works of the ‘AI in Games’ series.  This talk, totalling at around 85 minutes in length, is a public lecture given at the University of Derby, UK in October of 2014.  During this talk, we highlight a number of interesting bodies of work taking place in AI research that use video games as a benchmark.

We focus primarily on four major competitions (either past or ongoing) in AI applications:

  • The Ms. Pac-Man AI Competition
  • The Mario AI Competition
  • 2K BotPrize
  • StarCraft AI Competition

We discuss not only the rationale for why such research is conducted, but highlight some of the more interesting work in these domains.


A copy of the slides used as part of this presentation (minus the videos) can be downloaded here. (64MB).

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Tommy is the writer and producer of AI and Games. He's a senior lecturer in computer science and researcher in artificial intelligence with applications in video games. He's also an indie video game developer with Table Flip Games. Because y'know... fella's gotta keep himself busy.