Arkham Intelligence

Welcome to my second public lecture inspired by the works of the ‘AI in Games’ series.  This talk is a more lengthy and detailed discussion of my previous work looking at the Batman: Arkham series.  Held at the University of Derby, UK, back in November of 2014, we discuss what are the core tenets of design needed for the non-player characters found in the Arkham games.

This talk is largely broken down into a number of key sections:

  • Introduction to the talk. (00:00)
  • The Batman: Arkham series. (2:50)
  • The design-ethos of the Batman:Arkham series. (16:18)
  • Looking at the AI theory. (34:15)
  • In practice: Combat. (53:50)
  • In practice: Stealth. (1:17:43)
  • Closing Statement. (1:32:20)

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As stated earlier, this piece is much richer discussion of that raised in a previous article hosted on the site:

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